Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Christine is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.
As a rider, Christine knows the muscles the horse is utilizing in it's training.  The conditioning and relaxation of muscles on the ground improves the horses movement, attitude, and overall health under saddle as well. 
Massage therapy helps with:
Balance and Coordination
Increase and Improve Circulation
Lateral Bending
Girth and Back Relief
Muscle Relaxation
Tying Up
Don't trust your beloved horse to just anyone! Contact Christine if you need a horse trailored throughout New England.  She has a truck, trailor, and years of experience with carefully transporting our most precious partners!
Coaching & Competition Rides
*See more information under Training & lessons*
Body Clipping
Christine does an exceptional and professional job at ensuring your horse gets the proper clipping to keep him comfortable during our colder months.  There is no need to hassel over hair everywhere and unsightly clipping lines -- make your life easier and hire Christine.